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At Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd, we stock a high-quality, Modern-day Electric Fire collection. Our fires come equipped with realistic LED fire effects, making it hard to differentiate from a real fire.

All of our electric fires are remote-controlled, making it easier to create a comfy, cosy feeling for your home.

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Why should you choose our Electric fires?

There are many reasons to choose our Electric Fires. Some of the reasons why you should choose our electric fires are:
• Here at [company name], we stock the highest quality electric fires.
• Our Electric Fires are very durable and long-lasting
• You don’t need to go to the store to get fuel for the fire
• We stock our electric fires in many different styles and sizes. This ensures that all of our clients have a beautiful fire to suit their homes.

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What are the Advantages of our Electric Fires

There are so many advantages to owning one of our Electric Fires. Some of these advantages are:
• They are the most eco-friendly fire as they only need electricity to operate.
• There is no cleaning involved with electric fires
• They do not let off harmful fumes
• With today’s technology, they give off the same effect as a wooden fire

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Designs of our Electric Fires

At [company name], we stock many different styles and designs. Our types of Electric Fires are elegant and convenient for all of our clients. Our Electric Fires are easily installed, making it quick and easy to get the look they desire for their home.

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Electric Fires FAQ’s

  • Do you have any sample pictures of electric fires that have been installed?

    Yes! You can view some sample images of our installed electric fires on the Electric Fires section of our website.

  • If I have a question about one of your Electric Fires, how can I contact Cork Stoves and Fires?

    You can contact us using our phone number, email, or contact form, which you can find on our website.