Cork Stoves & Fires

Established with over 30 years of industry experience, Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd. is a leading supplier of a range of stoves, fires, and fireplaces to customers across Cork and the surrounding areas.

Working with the world’s leading stove and fireplace brands to provide quality products that you can rely on, Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd. is passionate about offering high-quality stoves and fireplaces to keep your home looking and feeling warm, comfortable, and cosy all year round.
From elegant solid fuel stoves to modern, hole-in-the-wall electric heating systems, the team does it all when it comes to your home heating system.
With a range of styles, designs, and price-points available, there’s something to suit everyone at Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd.

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Offering an Extensive Range of Heating Solutions for All Homes, Including:

  • Cork Stoves

  • Cork Solid Fuel Stoves

  • Cork Electric Stoves

  • Cork Gas Stoves

  • Cork Wood Stoves

  • Cork Multi-Fuel Stoves

  • Cork Outdoor Fires

  • Cork Fire & Stove Accessories

  • Modern & Traditional Stoves

  • Cork Freestanding Stoves

  • Cork Wall-Mounted Stoves

  • Cork Hole-In-The-Wall Stoves

Cork Stoves & Fires FAQ

  • What is the best stove to buy for my home?

    This all depends on your budget, the type of home you have, and the type of heating you require. For example, many homes with pre-existing chimneys may opt for a wood stove or solid fuel stove, while modern homes without a chimney and those who want to be more eco-conscious may opt for an electric stove. Get in touch with our team to discuss you options.

  • What is the cheapest heating system to run?

    Generally speaking, gas heating is the cheapest to run, however, this all depends on your usage and the price of gas in your locality.

  • Can stoves be fitted with a back boiler?

    Yes. Solid fuel stoves and gas stoves can be fitted with a back boiler to heat the water in your home.