Multi-Fuel Stoves

Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd. provides clients with a comprehensive selection of multi-fuel stoves.
Modern multi-fuel stoves come in a range of styles and designs. Our showroom stocks a range of multi-fuel stoves – from minimalistic modern designs to ornate traditional designs – which highlights the interior design potential of stove collection.

Our customer support team are available to recommend the appropriate stove for the home heating and the interior design specifics of any just about any property.
Our environmentally responsible Charnwood and Stovax multi-fuel stoves are the natural choice for the environmentally-minded homeowner.

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Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves can be seamlessly integrated with a pre-existing home heating system, making a boiler a property-wide heating solution.
Boiler stoves can also work independently of an existing home heating system and can supply heat to upwards of 19 radiators.

Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd. offers clients a range of beautiful Stovax and Charnwood boiler stoves.
Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd.’s range of boiler stoves are compatible with wood, coal, smokeless coal and briquettes.

Is a boiler stove the right choice for your property? Call into our showroom and speak to a member of our customer service team today.
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To discuss our range of contemporary and traditional multi-fuel stoves, get in contact with Cork Stoves And Fires Ltd. today.

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